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Importance of Training in a work place

Confucius once has told: “If everything that I do, hear, I will forget. If I hear and I will see, I will remember. If I hear, see and make, I will understand.”
Training in a place of work or OJT – inservice training which occurs in a work place. It has many advantages, but it can have also some inconveniences if OJT it is not planned and executed properly. It is a part of the curriculum of college which aspires to train and focus students about work and their future career. Very important not only to teach to students their chosen career, but also to show to students the validity about work.
The majority of students is not serious now in their training. They do not plan in advance and choose the best company which they can choose. The worst, they finished that cleaned a table of the chief or have made untied problems.
Here why students should not consider OJT self-evident:
1. If you receive a high grade of an estimation, your employer could employ you when you go into higher education.
2. Your minor OJT it is very important, asking work. Often, employers will ask you relevance of your training to your course and to position which you ask.
3. Some companies will give you the monthly grant if you succeed in the problems.
4. OJT will be your training ground. If All of you will not have concept still that intends to be the worker OJT will give a hint of the facts of career.
5. Your chief OJT mine to recommend your skills to other companies which he knows.
6. It will give you sense of confidence that you can use, asking work after the termination
7. People of the help do the informed elections of career
Students should understand importance OJT on their future career. Presence of good work during OJT is very important especially now when there is a difficult competition to searching for works and high qualification of the companies.
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